Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No respect for Respect

After the so-called People's Justice Party of Birmingham - who enjoyed an election pact with the Respect Party of George Galloway - put out an election flyer during the local elections last year denouncing the LibDems for being pro gay rights...


.... one would have thought no respectable politician would have touched them with a bargepole.

However, with the tone set by Respect's Lindsay German (she of the gay rights and women's rights are “shibboleths” comments at Marxism 2003), ...


.... it came as no surprise that Respect were first in line to congratulate the PJP when they won seats on the Bordesley Green local council, and adding:

"We look forward to further co-operation with the PJP in the future."


I wonder, does that "co-operation" include ensuring that the LibDems don't get any further promoting gay rights?


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