Sunday, July 24, 2005

You couldn't make it up

"Blair's make-up bill tops £1,800" says the BBC.

That sounds pretty reasonable to me. £1,800 a month for someone doing an endless stream of TV appearances, photo-calls and public engagements.

But no, this hysteria is not over his monthly bill. Apparently he's spent this money since he came to office. Gee whiskers! £1,800 in 8 years. Why, that's almost 20 quid a month!!! Such extravagence!

The woman who staffs the till at my local Costcutter probably spends more than that!!

At a time of national crisis, is it really necessary to manufacture (dare I say 'make up') ridiculous "scandals" over that fact that people who appear on TV dab a little powder on their noses?

The Guardian joined in "Downing Street has spent more than £1,000 of public money over the past six years on cosmetics to ready him for the harsh glare of TV. "

Let's see: £1,000 divided by 6 years... that's £167 per year, or £13.88 per month.

Forty-six pence a day is what they're freaking out about. I'm willing to chip in. Let's take up a collection to save the taxpayer from this onerous burden. Good heavens, the money could rather be spent buying a Mars Bar for the embattled NHS.,9174,1535118,00.html


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