Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Jews lost my house keys

Yesterday evening I had to rush out to catch the last post collection. I almost missed it because I wasted vital minutes trying to find where The Jews had hidden my house keys. I thought of just dashing down to the post box on the corner leaving the door unlocked, but then I remembered that a few years ago I'd done that and The Jews had stolen my television.

Gee, this blaming The Jews is easier than I thought!

Loopy antisemite (and Socialist Worker Party totem) Gilad Atzmon is now claiming in a self-publshed article on Indymedia (where he is in good company) that the Israelis were behind the London bombings. Of course, there are several dozen more pseudo-radical fruitcakes posting similar stories every day on Indymedia, but not all of them get invited to the SWP's "Marxism" conference - like Gilad Atzmon.


Of course, with Indymedia's unmoderated "open publishing" system, it may simply be an Atzmon-imposter, though frankly, the article wouldn't be out of place here:


And of course, it isn't much different to his theseis "Welcome to Zionised Britain" - his paper for the SWP's conference:


Anyhoo... time for a snack. Let's hope The Jews haven't made my butter too hard to spread.


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