Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Alphabet drafted into anti-Imperialist fight

The fight against Imperialism has taken a dramatic new turn as any country beginning with the same letter as "England" or "America" is now fair game for attack.

Kicking off the fight, the brave anti-Imperialist resistance in Iraq launched the new strategy with executions of diplomats from Egypt and Algeria.

Of course, Egypt hasn't really been an imperialist power since long before Cleopatra, but what the hell, it starts with "E" just like England so why split hairs?

Similarly, Algeria hasn't been a colonialist power for decades since it withdrew its troops from France (or was it the other way round? Oh well, does it really matter?). But it starts with an "A" just like America, so its diplomats deserved to die, obviously.


Fiji had better watch out, becuase it could be a proxy for France... or the Filipines (is that how you spell it? Oh who cares when there's an orgy of blood to be had!), and the Gambians had better keep their diplomats safe from any retaliation for the 3rd Reich.


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