Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Strike 3 for 'Iraqi Freedom'

No Bin Laden, No WMDs and now No Freedom either...

First we were told that Iraq was harbouring Ossama Bin Laden, which seemed absurd, because monster that he was, Saddam Hussein was not a religious fanatic and didn't appear to have much time for people who were. It was absurd. Ossama wasn't in Iraq. We can be sure of this because Saddam used the best hiding place - and we know how that worked out for him.

Then we were told that Iraq had the mythical WMDs - which no one has been able to find. BUt ho-hum, all this is just detail. The real reason we were supposed to support the invasion was to bring FREEDOM to Iraq.

I admit, I thought that wasn't a bad proposotion. Saddam clearly had to go, and while I did not think that an invasion was necessarily the best way to achieve that, I was willing to accept - once the invasion was a fait acompli - that at the very least there was this 'consolation' prize.

Now, that's now pie in the sky stuff too. Instead of a secular liberal democracy, it seems that Sharia Law will be incorporated into their constitution. Say goodbye to equal rights for women. (I doubt that gay rights was even on the agenda.)


For a more detailed report on the issue, see a commentary by the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq:




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