Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's a sin

Ah, more correspondence from ‘Let’s get it on’ Don. He reveals himself as a bit of a scholar, with his eloquent critique of my article on lawat and zina. So, he’s up for a good flogging for his pre-marital sex apparently, but maybe he likes a bit of spanking. In any event, he apparently believes that Muslim men can have as many “white chicks” as they like (as long as they’re “unbelievers”, he hastens to add). Tad racist, Don.

Well, Don may not be an unbeliever, but he sure is unbelievable!

So over to you Don….

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Dear Bastard Scum,

May I congratulate you on your internet research pertaining to my adverts, bet you feel well chuffed and think you have "outed" me as some kind of degenerate on a par with you.

You couldn't be further from the truth.  You made some fundamental errors in your article on zina, the proscribed punishment for pre-marital (I'm not married - adultery is a huge sin that condemns one to eternal damnation) sex is flogging and not death, like it is for the filthy homosexual lifestyle you espouse.

You completely missed the point of my previous email, what gays do in the privacy of their germ ridden homes is entirely up to them.  What I am opposed to is the attempt by reprobates like you and Tatchell to legitimise this vile lifestyle and market it as an alternative to heterosexuality, which of course it can never be, cos poofs like you can't procreate can you?

Any sins I have commited are superior to the sin you commit every day by having another man as a bedfellow.  I would never contemplate gay sex ever, you repulsive creature.

I love white chicks and we muslim males can have as many of your non-believing women as we want as handmaidens to do what we want with ok.

Although I think the holocaust was one of history's darkest chapters, Hitler demonstrated remarkable foresight in gassing gays, and I would love to do the same.  I wish you pain and anguish my dear dirty gay bastard of a scumbag - don't ever try to equate my "sins" with yours, piece of shit!



At 7:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything about this brothel creeping little twerp's letters are loathsome - and so revealing, as to his colonialist/imperialist attitude to women "we muslim males can have as many of your non-believing women as we want..." Ugh. It is the voice of true sexual shame.


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