Monday, January 30, 2006

Neo-Nasties have gays on their radar again

While most political parties – big and small, Tories and all – have expressed the view that it was not revelations of homosexuality per se that is causing a stir in the LibDem leadership race, one party predictably filled the gap left when naked homophobia excused itself from polite company a few years ago. Yes, the BNP has declared the LibDems a “party of perverts” in a press statement (which I won’t bother linking to).

It could be that they just have a kneejerk reaction to the words “liberal” and “democracy”. Almost a decade after the equalisation of the age of consent, they say that this removal of discrimination was “charter to lure overseas perverts to prey on our youngsters and should be strongly opposed by all parents”. They’re still singing from this silly hymn-sheet in 2006. What provoked this latest denunciation of gay equality? News that gay tourism agencies promote the UK as a great destination. One of the selling points being a non-discriminatory age of consent.

Of course, the BNP is obsessed with “children”, disregarding all credible evidence that you can’t teach someone to be gay – but you can teach them to be tolerant. Griffin’s goosesteppers are now targeting LGBT History Month, which they describe as “Labour's gay sex plan for British schoolkids”.

But, we should remember that this type of language from this source – while easily ridiculed – is very dangerous. There are a lot of groups who spout forth varying degrees of homophobic bilge, but only one group has inspired a follower to plant a bomb in a gay bar, killing a pregnant women and her unborn child.

So who’s a greater threat to families and children?


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