Friday, January 06, 2006

Galloway on Big Brother – an elaborate hoax?

A man of George Galloway's stature would never lower himself to appear on a trashy TV show for c-list celebrities.I believe it will be revealed soon that the person on the show is an impostor: a jobbing Scottish actor, possible hired by the Channel4 bosses and MI5 to discredit Mr Galloway.

CLICK HERE to reveal the true identity of the man on Celebrity Big Brother.


At 4:30 am, Anonymous Jonathan said...

I'm off to see Gorgeous George when he visits my town in the next week or so for his "Evening with George Galloway" tour. I must confess, I was entertained by his cat impersonation and his lycra antics because I do believe we got to see the real GG - an unashamedly open seeker of media attention and in this day and age, someone so honest about that, is quite refreshing indeed.


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