Friday, December 09, 2005

The People's Politician

When George Galloway swept to power under, rather on a cloud in May this year, he dramatically vowed that he would represent “the people that New Labour has abandoned… [and] speak for those who have no one else to speak for them… the trade unions, the immigrants, the poor, the people who prefer peace to war”.

But, reports Private Eye, “his constituents may be wondering how his ambitious project is going”.

They cite some interesting statistics:

  • He has tabled only one written question since the election

  • He has spoken in the commons a mere four time

  • He has voted in only 18 out of 112 divisions – worse than any other MP without a good excuse – like they’re deathly ill or the Prime Minister.

  • He’s the most consistent absentee

No doubt he’ll claim that a parliament is not a democratic institution – or some other soundbite.

Private Eye reveals more: Even when the issue is something close to his heart, he’s more bluster and action. When it was alleged that the US was planning to bomb the al-Jazeera TV station, Galloway grandly announced that he would demand a confirmation or denial from our government. But he didn’t get round to it. Asking the hard questions was left to Labour MP, Peter Kilfoyle (remember Labour – they’re the one’s who abandoned the people with only George to speak for them). 38 other MPs were quick to co-sign both Kilfoyle’s early day motions on the issue – but not George Galloway.

Perhaps he was away…. speaking…but for whom?


At 6:17 pm, Blogger PoliticalHack said...

Gorgeous George also managed to miss the first vote on the anti-terror laws. He was on stage in Cork, RoI in 'An Audience with George Galloway.' I'm sure the huge RESPECT vote in southern Ireland welcomed him.


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