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Pro-Islamist left wants gays on their knees (and not for what you think)

Kirsten Hearn is really good at getting the short end of the stick and then beating around the bush with it. Even better than Messrs Truman & Pitt over at IslamophobiaWatch. In her long diatribe against OutRage! in Tribune, conveniently republished by I-W, she rants that Peter Tatchell is trying “to portray the Muslim and LGBT communities as polarised from each other.

It is not Tatchell who is suggesting gays and Muslims are polar opposites. Remind me who said just shortly before the UAF conference that gays were socially destructive spreaders of disease?

Oh yes, it was Iqbal Sacranie.

In contrast to Sacranie’s bigotry and divisiveness, it Peter Tatchell who said: “Both the Muslim and gay communities suffer prejudice and discrimination. We should stand together to fight Islamophobia and homophobia."

Here’s the crucial question for Kirsten: Where is the equivalent statement of mutual solidarity from Sacranie?

Sacranie condemning homophobia? Don’t be silly. He won’t do it, which is why his apologists have to blame someone else. For example, Pitt (using his nom de guerre, ‘Martin Sullivan’) blames the press for blowing Sacranie's comments out of proportion, but doesn't have a single bad word to say about Sacranie. Sacranie can abuse gays, but let anyone object and it’s because they're 'Islamophobic'.

If Sacranie really wants to unite with gays against fascism, he has a funny way of showing it.

And Mr Sullivan/Pitt obfuscates things further with the lie that Sacranie’s views are religious - but where in any scripture does it say that "gays spread diseases"? It doesn't. Indeed, Sacranie was quoting from a right-wing antigay (pseudo) medical journal - not the Quran - to support his bigoted claims.

And if his homophobia is religiously inspired – so what?Hearn repeats the bald-faced lie that OutRage! targets Islam bit not other religions. What twaddle! What is OutRage! most famous for? Oh yeah, storming Canterbury Cathedral during the Archbishop’s Easter service. And who picketed the Pope’s wake reminding the world about his homophobia and the AIDS catastrophe his lies caused? Oh yeah. OutRage! And at the risk of boring you, who disrupted a live TV broadcast of the General Synod? Right… that was OutRage!

So, here’s another question. Why is it that gays are always asked to sacrifice their dignity in order to form alliances? And why are some like Kirsten Hearn always ready to do so?If some right-wing Zionist group made comments that Muslims were destroying the fabric of society and spread diseases, I can't see Hearn arguing to line up with them to fight the BNP because "the BNP also targets Jews". And I can't see Pitt & Truman cheering her on either!

Hearn then flaps into hyperbole. She claims:

“To suggest we jettison the Muslim community from the anti-fascist movement at a time when the fascists are advancing by attacking Muslims is obscene.”

Who said that? Neither Tatchell nor OutRage! have ever excluding the Muslim community from the fight against fascism. Hearn flagrant dishonesty shows the depth to which the pro-Islamist-left and their hanger-ons will stoop.

All we’re asking for is a little quid pro quo. Is it too much to ask that in the name of unity, Sacranie thinks before he speaks? Is it too much to ask in the name of unity that the MCB stops lobbying against gay rights?Yes, Kirsten, a BNP success in the local elections would be catastrophic, but frankly, given current indicators, the success of an MCB-aligned candidate could be equally disastrous for gay people, especially lesbian and gay Muslims.

I'm all for standing with the MCB against the BNP, so is Peter Tatchell and the rest of OutRage! All it'll take is an apology from Sacranie and a hint that he respects our dignity as gay people a little more than the BNP does. But of course he's silent - because once again it's THE GAYS that must make all the compromises in the name of unity.


As a footnote: The blog run by the bizarre ‘StraightWay Foundation’ (that group of ‘ex-gay’ Muslims who supported Ken Livingstone’s drooling over Qaradawi) put Ms Hearn in her place. They say:

“We have noted the potential problem of Muslims supporting any LGBT activist, from a political angle. Some may say that such concerns are petty. But in the case of a "gay Muslim", the problem is much greater, again for political reasons.”

What political reasons? Oh dear, legitimising the identity of “gay Muslims” of course, and the danger that gay Muslims might achieve prominent positions within the Muslim community and in the wider society and become role models. Can’t have that!

As we all know, the StraightWay foundation and the pro-Islamist Left demand that gay people – especially gay Muslims – should know their place… and that is begging on their knees.


At 5:07 am, Anonymous Yousef said...

As a Muslim I resent the accusations you make towards StraightWay, I'm not affiliated with thim but I have dealth with them. I think they make it quite clear on their blog that they are not ex-gay nor do they frown negatively on people who are attracted to the same-sex.

Frankly I don't understand these unfounded accusations...are you really that scared?

At 5:42 am, Blogger Brett Lock said...

Yousef, you apparently have little understanding of the term "ex-gay". StraightWay want to avoid the term because of its negative connotations, but that's exactly what they are - a Muslim version of NARTH.

At 11:54 am, Anonymous Yousef said...

I am well aware of the term, I don't think you are aware of StraighWay's stance on it, please read what they have to say about it before spreading lies.

At 12:40 pm, Blogger Brett Lock said...

The only lie is the StraightWay "stance" that cons vulnerable people into denying their innate sexuality.

And what does your religion have to do with your 'resentment'? And how is describing a group as "ex-gay" and 'accusation'?

At 2:07 pm, Anonymous Yousef said...

StraightWay is an Islamic foundation which represents Muslim views on certain issues, attacking StraightWay's stance is an attack on Islam itself. You yourself accused it of being "a Muslim version of NARTH". You also just accused of it "conning" people. And you just accused it of lying.

Get your facts before you write something about an organization.

At 6:43 pm, Blogger Brett Lock said...

"StraightWay is an Islamic foundation which represents Muslim views on certain issues, attacking StraightWay's stance is an attack on Islam itself."

Oh dear me, what self-important nonsense!

At 12:50 am, Anonymous Enda said...

Yousef, a rose by any other name smells as sweet. And StraightWay practically reeks.

At 1:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anything you say about muslims is "an attack on Islam".
What about talking about the killing of gays by muslims all over the world?
"An attack on Islam".

Most muslims, 90% and more, despise gays.
As someone who comes from the arab world and speaks arabic- let me tell you, you brits don't even have a clue how much you are despised in your own streets in a laguage you cannot understand.
but gays deserve what they will get. when you forget to fight for your rights, the routhless will eat you alive. (or behead you, in the currect version).


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