Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not so sharp

Can someone explain the “knife amnesty” to me?

The police are providing special wheelie-bins for people to turn in knives that can be used as offensive weapons without fear of prosecution. But so much of it makes no sense.

According to a report in The Guardian:

“The amnesty involves all legal knives - such as kitchen knives - and offensive weapons, including flick knives, butterfly knives and swords.”

Legal knives? Why would you need to turn in a legal knife, much less require ‘amnesty’ for doing so?

The Guardian pictures a knife similar to the one used in the recent murder of Nisha Patel-Nasri. It’s a common kitchen knife. In fact I have one very similar. I have a whole block on sharp knives that I’m sure could kill just as easily as they carve Quorn roast and chop garlic. Am I meant to turn them in?

Perhaps they mean to refer to only those legal knifes put to illegal use, but even then the message is garbled:

“Scotland Yard said only those weapons believed to be significant to police inquiries would be forensically examined.”

Presumably that means that knives thought to have been used in violent attacks will be examined, presumably with a view to a prosecution (hopefully, or else what’s the point?) But if that is the case, what good is the amnesty?

Surely the advice should be – if you have a legal knife that you’ve been carrying around for non culinary purposes but haven’t actually used in anger, put it back in the kitchen drawer where it belongs?

If you have used a legal knife to commit a murder or assault, surely you’re not being offered amnesty from prosecution for your crimes if you turn in the weapon? In which case, certainly you’d want to be throwing it into The Thames, not a police wheelie-bin for forensic officers to rifle through?

I just don’t get it – (a) how can an amnesty apply to a knife that is legal to own; and (b) why would anyone turn in a knife connected to a crime knowing it will be forensically examined; and (c) if such a knife were turned in, how would the amnesty affect its use as evidence towards a successful prosecution?

Still, garbled message or not, it seems to work, Apparently when this was tried in Scotland in 1993, knife possession and use in violence and murder dropped by about a quarter for the 12 months following the amnesty. The report doesn’t record whether the Scottish police’s amnesty offer actually made sense though. This one doesn’t.


At 10:14 am, Anonymous Don said...

This blogspot never fails to amaze me. Moral lectures from an immoral man. Listen cock breath, Yvonne Ridley is a revert sister, don't you dare insinuate she had sordid relations with the Taliban or Muhajahid. Defaming a muslim woman's honour is punishable by flogging in Islam so watch where you tread you debauched cretin. Take a look at your lifestyle first. Did you hear about the 2 gays who adopted a boy and abused him? Did you know gays are more likey to be peadophiles?
I'm certainly not handing my knives in, I have gays to hunt. Rude bwoy no promote nasty man!

At 11:53 am, Anonymous Chris Etches said...

your back again...and my days had just started getting boring reading Brett's whiney old disection of today's political problems.
To be fair, the one thing that must piss old Yvonne off no end is that as a revert sister, she won't be able to join in any of your naughty non-believer lady action(which if I remember correctly you can have as many of as you please, one wee question about that old boy, how many have you had so far? Just as another non-cock breath, you know, I thought me and you could swap notes, but because as I hang out with such devaints and sinners as Brett, I must get loads less ladies than yourself..just a thought..).

Anywho...sorry brett got distracted by Don there. Sorry to go back on-topic, but I don't get knife Amnesties either, but if they work then cool I suppose, oh just read the Euston manifesto thingy too, sounds quite spot on.

pip pip

At 10:12 am, Anonymous Don said...

Chris, people like you and Brett think that the way to deal with people like me is to ridicule us.
Why can't you just admit that homosexuality is wrong? This country has gone to the dogs, even if a society abandons religion, it shouldn't lose its morals and ethics.
Tell me Chris, why don't we ever see any Ian Huntleys, Peter Sutcliffes or Ian Bradys in the Muslim community anywhere in the world?
Your western societies are on the verge of imploding and we muslims are here to help you build a new society, which is bad news for poofs...

At 10:51 am, Blogger Brian Miller said...

"people like you and Brett think that the way to deal with people like me is to ridicule us"

No, that's just the natural reaction to your conduct and writings.

"we muslims are here to help you build a new society"

Well, we greatly appreciate your concern, but we're not interested. Why not go back to your not-imploding paradise and allow we nasty evil western secular democrats to collapse on our own? I'll put up the cash for your one-way ticket.


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