Monday, May 15, 2006

Liar, liar, cassocks on fire!

So… after writing a self-serving load of old cobblers to The Times, saying:

“Homosexual people are first of all persons, and have the same entitlement to legal rights as anyone else.”… and …“The Church has consistently spoken out against any discrimination against homosexual persons, and will continue to do so.”

… Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Catholic head honcho could surely have waited a little longer for his lie to take root before committing an act that exposed him as the lying liar that he is.

What’s he done? Well, he’s fired a gay press officer for um, being gay.

What a great way to reinforce the church’s belief that gay people have “the same entitlement to legal rights” and what a way to have “spoken out against any discrimination against homosexual persons”.

Yeah, the very definition. Cormac, of discriminating against people on the basis of their sexual orientation and of depriving them of legal rights is to sack them because they’re gay! Jesus Christ, Cormac, are you too stupid to see the contradictions between your public statements and your actions, or are you such a practiced liar that you believe your own porkers?

But then again, when you’re the regional leader of a church that lies about everythingand then some, it’s no wonder that you can keep your office, but not your story, straight.


At 6:09 pm, Anonymous Don said...

I am actually a believer of gay rights, I believe you should have the right to die a most agonising death!
People often ask: "Why is Islam so intolerant of other lifestyles?"
On the contrary, we are far from intolerant, you slimeballs just don't get the rules:

1. We are allowed to hate you, but you are not allowed to reciprocate this hate. Why? Because our hate is based on divine obligation, whereas yours, is just plain Islamophobia.

2. We don't and never will, have respect for your lifestyle. But, of course, you must respect our religion because it is the only way of life.

3. Some of you may be asking yourselves: "if you can't accept the British way of life, why don't you leave?" I've heard this one often. Simple answer: we are here to do you a huge favour, give you a fantastic way of life and save you from this useless immoral society. Do'nt see any Ian Huntleys or Ian Bradys in our community do you?

So there you have it, keep the above in mind. You know Brett, you and Tatchell can disrupt as many Christian/Jewish services as you want in order to highlight their "homophobia", but try coming into a mosque to protest and see what you get!
Who said violence doesn't work? So step back Chi Chi man!


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