Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Speaking in Ridleys

I see Yvonne Ridley is scheduled to speak at the SWP-sponsored “Marxism 2006”. Her talk will be “Sleeping with the Enemy”. I must confess, when I first heard that I assumed she’d be talking about being seduced by the Taliban, but I see it has something to do with “embedding the media” rather than “bedding the Muhajadin”. Disappointing.

Interestingly, Ridley – who once described Abu Hamza as “sweet” – refused to criticise the crackpot cleric because, she says glibly, “As a Muslim, I don’t think it’s constructive to criticise other Muslims.”

Fair enough. Although I guess she must mean “… other Muslims, as long as they’re not Lesbians.”

Ridley did not mind attacking Muslim author Irshad Manji on a recent Islam Channel programme.

“She's a lesbian with a chip on her shoulder who wants to take a dig at Islam,” said ‘sister Yvonne’ of the Canadian author who campaigns for an Islamic Reformation.

Sure, Yvonne, hold you tongue about race-hate and violence promoting Hamza, but queers are fair-game right? Even if they are “fellow Muslims”.


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