Monday, June 12, 2006

More gay marriage travesty

My home state of Pennsylvania has voted to ban gay marriage. Interestingly, the state itself is a microcosm of the country -- legislators from Philadelphia and its environs, as well as Pittsburgh's metro region, were generally amongst the "no" votes. Legislators from rural areas, such as "God's country" in the centre of the state and the dying rust-belt towns in coal country and the Erie coast, were in favour. The phenomenon is not uncommon -- the trend is best summed up by the popular cliché that "Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh separated by Alabama."

While the party-line vote was slightly skewed towards Republicans supporting establishing gay Pennsylvanians as second-class citizens, Democratic "support" for gays against the bill was far from consistent. In general, geography told more of a story than party affiliation.

My local representative, a Republican, voted against the measure. . . likely to the ire of his party committee.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia's economic recovery -- driven heavily by the city's reputation as a burgeoning yet gritty bastion of urban culture returning from its horrifying forty-year decline -- is in jeopardy. With New Jersey and New York right across the river, why are gay folks going to bother to take a chance on Philly? It's still suffering from crime, urban blight, property investment risk, and assuming the Republican state senate passes this amendment, a legal framework which makes partner benefits and personal arrangements of gay couples legally iffy. This is a dreadful situation for a city whose comeback has been heavily reliant on gay couples restoring once-abandoned homes in once-blighted neighbourhoods, and which relies heavily on gay tourism to the point where it markets itself as "a place to get your history straight and night life gay."

New Jersey and New York, in comparison to Pennsylvania, offer healthier economies, provisions under the law for gay couples (New Jersey even has a civil partnership law), lower taxes, and in New York's case, a more prestigious address in its largest city. Philadelphia, meanwhile, remains chained to the revenants in Harrisburg.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's government -- and rural legislators in particular -- have not only gleefully taken a swipe at gay Pennsylvanians, but also undermined the hard-won comeback of my hometown. The political and economic price to be paid will be severe, and for Philadelphians and Pittsburghers alike, undeserved.


At 9:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to break it to you Brian, but you gays are indeed second class citizens. Tell me, why should you gays be on an equal footing with Hetros when you offer nothing to humanity in the form of procreation.
Please remember the constituation of the USA was built on Christian values, do not attempt to dilute this.
Where will this "fight for freedom" lead to? Peadophiles and Zoophiles are right behind you in the line for freedom, in fact in Holland there is a party that wants the age of consent to not exist.
Your all one and the same, we need to purge this world of all sexual deviants. Lets start with gays and work from there.

At 10:32 am, Blogger Brian Miller said...

Obviously, anonymous is one of the people who doesn't want any economic activity and who is underemployed with nothing better to do than regulate his neighbors, or a very good joke. ;)

One of the great ironies is that in my home state, such people prattle on in their moralising tone, with their mythologies about "Christian values" building the constitution (I love to lend such folks my copy of the Jefferson bible), and how the targeting of homos is some glorious moral crusade and not the manifestation of good-old-fashioned hate-the-different-people.

Of course, as the economy is wrecked by such folks and gays go elsewhere, the same simpletons complain they have no jobs and argue the solution is reducing immigration -- further damaging the economy and their prospects. Uni students and kids alike will continue to leave and move away -- including their own kids. I have no sympathy.

It pains me that they're dragging down my hometown, but there are many opportunities across the river. The fundies may get their magical utopia, but the prosperity just across the river -- in view of their wistful eyes -- will serve as a constant reminder of what they've lost.

At 4:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Brian, I'm from the good ole UK and am not even white, I am a Asian Muslim. This is not about persecuting "folk that are different", it is about preserving the moral decency that should prevail in any society regardless of its economic or demographic makeup.
You gays try to be so clever by attempting to link homophobia to other evils in society such as racism etc. The fact is, no-one can abide you sick fucks and deep down you know it. If you gays want an ounce of respect, at least try to be monogamous, the average gay has upto 100 partners a year compared to 8 in a lifetime for a hetro.
Homosexuality is a disease, everyone regardless of political or religious persuasion must do their part to negate this increasingly prevalent behaviour. A match and some petrol is a good start...

At 8:00 pm, Blogger Brian Miller said...

I'm from the good ole UK and am not even white, I am a Asian Muslim

Well then, you'd have a grand old time living with your cohorts in rural Pennsylvania!

A match and some petrol is a good start...

It's also interesting to note that this was the treatment which ethnic minorities received in York county -- one of the hotbeds of the anti-gay legislation.

So yes, you may have some common hatreds with your compadres in the Republican party in America, but you'd soon be living unpleasantly yourself. In fact, the only place where a "British Muslim" could live in peace would be in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, with the homos -- who would be the only people who'd defend you when the rural sorts would come for you as an "enemy of the state."

As for your ridiculous threat to torch some gay people, I'd suggest you steer clear of any part of Pennsylvania -- especially rural areas. American gays aren't the consensus-building, please-don't-bash-me-too-hard type. An anonymous cowardly little boy like you wouldn't stand a chance in attempting to successfully harm one of us. ;)

At 9:45 am, Anonymous Don said...

Ahhhhh... need a gun to beat me batty bwoy? I'm a little boy am I? Right now I have a green belt in Jujitsu, experiment with boxing, and have squatted 380ibs. Who's the little boy now?

At 11:51 am, Blogger Brian Miller said...

Oh, that's easy, you are.

Crazy talk on an anonymous board whilst reclining in a welfare state is easy. You wouldn't last five minutes in the real world, which is one reason why the cyber world is where you play out the fantasies that you're far too chickenshit to actually accomplish.

Shouldn't you be at school? The headmaster will be very annoyed, especially with your lack of grammar prowess, judging from your typing.

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